Watertown Man Arraigned For Theft From Antique Power Club

(Burnett) A Watertown man accused of failing to complete work on a construction project was arraigned Wednesday. Steven Neuman entered a not guilty plea to a felony count of Theft/Business Setting greater than $10,000 to $100,000. In June, a Dodge County Sheriff deputy was contacted from a project manager at the Dodge County Antique Power Grounds. The club was in the process of building a barn and Neuman was hired to put the siding and roof on the structure. The project manager said Neuman was given a $22,000 down payment for materials and the club had yet to see a full return on their investment. When contacted by authorities, Neuman said that he was waiting for the weather to clear. An updated contract was agreed upon by both parties and Neuman was reportedly scheduled to complete his work by July 10. After failing to meet that deadline, Neuman was again contacted by authorities and allegedly admitted to spending most of the money on living expenses. Neuman reportedly said he owes the club around $16,000. If convicted, the 54-year-old faces no more than ten years in prison.