Washington DC Man Suing Hartland Business

12/1/11 – A man from Washington D-C is suing the Hartland-based Triad Group for over 10-million dollars. William Preston West Junior said he received a Bacillus-cereus infection from using Triad’s alcohol pads while being treated for multiple sclerosis. West said he needed several surgeries — and he had to go for two months without taking any medicines for his M-S. The suit calls for five-million-dollars in punitive damages, plus a million-dollars for his wife Carolyn. Triad refuses comment on the lawsuit. It previously denied any connection between its alcohol wipes and 11 deaths the government says those products have caused. Triad and its H-and-P factory were shut down in April, when U-S marshals seized over six-million dollars worth of products. A federal consent decree in June spelled out conditions Triad must meet to re-open the plant. It remains closed.