Walker to Announce Hidden Weapons Policy

10/28/11 – Wisconsin will become the 11th state to allow concealed weapons in its Capitol. Governor Scott Walker says he’ll officially announce the policy today – four days before Wisconsin’s new concealed carry law takes effect statewide. But legislators have already been told that those parts of the Capitol controlled by Walker’s executive branch will let citizens with permits carry hidden weapons. The state Senate will not allow concealed weapons during its floor sessions – but the Assembly will allow them for both members and spectators. Republican Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald of Horicon said that in the spirit of the law they passed, they want law-abiding citizens to protect themselves. But G-O-P Senate President Mike Ellis said guns don’t belong at his meetings. Ellis said he thought guns should be banned in the entire Capitol but quote, “We lost that one, so we should at least keep them out of the balcony and off the floor of the Senate.” They’ll be banned from the Supreme Court as well. But they’ll be allowed during public hearings by both houses. And individual lawmakers can decide for themselves whether to allow concealed weapons in their offices. Governor’s spokesman Cullen Werwie says Scott Walker does not plan to carry a hidden weapon – but he may consider it in the future.