Walker Again Threatens Veto Of Entire State Budget

5/23/17 – For the second time in five days, Governor Scott Walker has tweeted that he would veto the entire state budget if it raises property taxes. The threats come as some majority legislative Republicans consider breaking with their party’s governor on key parts of his two year, 76-billion dollar package. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says he doesn’t understand where Walker’s coming from — although WisPolitics Dot Com says the governor might be warning some Republicans concerned about Walker’s plans to eliminate a forestry tax, and the state’s share of local property taxes to create more general state revenue. Walker again tweeted that state taxes are too high, and the G-O-P ran on a promise to lower people’s tax burdens. The governor again vowed to veto a gas tax hike — and Assembly Democratic Minority Leader Peter Barca says he’s never seen Republicans “more divided.”