Walker Supports Four Hours of Gun Training

10/15/11 – Wisconsin gun owners would have to get at least four hours of training before they can get state permits to carry those guns in their pockets and purses. Governor Scott Walker approved temporary rules late Friday afternoon regarding the concealed carry law which takes November first. Republican Attorney General J-B Van Hollen’s office drafted the rules. And three Republican senators took Van Hollen to task. They said the Legislature intentionally created flexibility in the training by not including a time limit – and they accused Van Hollen of over-stepping his authority. The three senators are Rich Zipperer of Pewaukee, Pam Galloway of Wausau, and Neal Kedzie of Elkhorn. They asked the Republican Governor Walker to revamp the rules on concealed carry when he puts out a final version of them. Walker did not say whether he’s for-or-against the four-hour training requirement. Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie said his office had no choice but to adopt the Justice Department’s temporary rules, to avoid delays in adopting the concealed carry law. And Werwie said the governor hopes the Justice Department quote, “improves the permanent rules substantially before sending them to the administration and Legislature for approval.” The National Rifle Association also opposes Van Hollen’s four-hour training. They say it’s not needed, based on the group’s experience in other states. Also, the Justice Department must decide which permits from other states will be good in Wisconsin. The agency expects permits from about 30 states to be honored here.