Walker Signs Open Enrollment Bill

2/2/12 – Governor Scott Walker signed a bill Wednesday that gives Wisconsin parents more time to decide whether their kids should go to public schools outside their home districts. The Republican Walker lengthened the sign-up period for the state’s long-running Open Enrollment program from three weeks to three months. Signs-ups normally begin in early February – and they’ll start on Monday for the fall term. The new deadline will be on April 30th. Parents can choose up to three non-resident school districts, and those districts will act on the applications according to how much room they have. In a statement, Walker noted that the extended sign-up period will give parents more opportunities for their youngsters. The bill also requires a student’s home district to inform the new district about any discipline problems the child might have. Also, the bill gives home districts more of a say in the transfer requests – and it gives applicants who are rejected a chance to appeal those decisions to the state. The new law was first introduced a year ago in the Legislature – but the final version did not pass until last month.