Walker Seeks Extension For Election To Fill Ripp’s Former Assembly Seat

(Lodi) Governor Scott Walker is asking a judge to give him another week to call a special election to fill two vacant legislative seats.  The judge ordered Walker to call those special elections by noon Thursday.  Walker asked the judge to extend his deadline to April 6th — a week from Friday.  The seats became vacant when two Republicans joined the Walker administration.  In a ruling last week, the judge called it “textbook voter disenfranchisement” and ordered the governor to call a special election for the First Senate District seat formerly held by Senator Frank Lasee of DePere and the 42nd Assembly District seat formerly held by Keith Ripp of Lodi. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau says it is a waste of taxpayer money to hold the special elections because the legislative session is almost over and voters will have a chance to fill the seats in the regular November elections. Former US Attorney General Eric Holder called the plan to hold-off on the election “stunning” adding that Republicans appear to be afraid of Wisconsin voters.