Walker Says He Wants To Expand Senior Care

Governor Scott Walker hopes to continue Senior-Care, Wisconsin’s prescription drug program for low-to-middle income seniors. The 10-year-old program offers medicines at a lower cost, with less paperwork, than Medicare Part-“D.” A federal waiver allows Senior-Care to keep running under the state-and-federally-funded Medicaid system. That waiver expires at the end of the year. Walker’s office says it wants a three-year waiver to keep Senior-Care going through 2015. A year ago, Walker wanted to scale back Senior-Care by making seniors enroll in Part-“D,” and then purchase extended Senior-Care benefits. But the governor changed his mind after advocates for the elderly said it would have cost seniors a lot more – and many would not have been able to afford the extended benefits. Senior-Care requires a 30-dollar enrollment fee each year, with co-pays for medicines of 5-to-15 dollars.