Walker Says He Is Not Target Of Probe

1/28/12 – Governor Scott Walker does not believe he’s a subject of the ongoing John Doe probe into the staff he had when he was the Milwaukee County Executive. At a news conference Friday in Wauwatosa, the Republican Walker said his campaign has been cooperating for over a year with Milwaukee prosecutors. And when all the smoke clears, Walker says he has every confidence that quote, “our integrity remains intact.” Two former aides were charged yesterday with creating a secret e-mail network within the Walker staff to quietly handle county-and-campaign business. Ex-staffer Darlene Wink agreed to plead guilty to lesser charges, after prosecutors said she would provide information that includes the destruction of undisclosed digital evidence. Walker said he asked Wink to resign after it was learned that she used part of her tax-funded work days to write glowing things about Walker in on-line comments about campaign news stories. Walker said the resignation proved that his staff knew that he didn’t want any political or campaign work performed on the county dime. And Walker said quote, “If we had known about anyone else, we would have taken the same action.” Meanwhile, state Medicaid director Brett Davis refused comment today on his apparent role in a misconduct probe. Kelly Rindfleisch of Columbus, a former deputy chief-of-staff to Walker, is charged with working on county time to try and get Davis nominated as Walker’s running mate for lieutenant governor last year. Davis lost to Rebecca Kleefisch.