Walker Again Backs Off Right-To-Work

Governor Scott Walker says he will not pursue any major bills that affect public or private unions in the next two-year session. And the Republican Walker said he would not touch the right-to-work issue until it was debated in an election campaign. Walker met with reporters and editors from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He said the right-to-work issue would be a huge distraction from his priorities to boost the economy and create jobs. And Walker went one step further, saying quote, “This is not a wink and nod thing. I’m not saying, ‘I’m not going to push but you guys go ahead,” referring to the Legislature. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said his house would not pursue a right-to-work bill in the next two years – but Senate G-O-P leader Scott Fitzgerald has been silent on the subject. Walker said it would hurt job growth in Wisconsin if the state had another bitter debate and demonstrations like those related to the 2011 limits on public union bargaining.