WACTFest comes to Beaver Dam Area Community Theater

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Area Community Theater will be hosting WACTFest, a theater festival competition that allows local theaters around the state to showcase their productions and hopefully advance to a national theater festival. There will be a Beaver Dam entry in this year’s competition. Managing director of the Beaver Dam Area Theater David Alan Smith explains.
“It’s called ‘For The Love Of…Camping,” says Smith. “It’s by Rick Ramirez and it’s a funny take on what happens when you’re camping. Pretty much something funny always happens when you’re camping.”
Smith encourages the community come see the play and give the cast some feedback before they compete.
“They’re going to be curious to see if they’re getting laughs where they expect it, (the) audience is following what they’re doing,” Smith says. “It’s an original play, that’s always a question. You write what you think the audience is going to understand and how they’re gonna react. But until you see it and hear it, you don’t know. So, they’re gonna be looking for that instant feedback that way.”
“For The Love Of…Camping” will be hitting the stage today (Friday) at the Beaver Dam Area Community Theater at 7:30pm in Kamps Auditorium. Tickets are $10 dollars each. The production will be competing at WACTFEst a week from tomorrow (Saturday). The winner will advance to AACTFest, the national competition which will be held in Louisville this June.