Vote Monday On Future Of BD Memorial Day Parade

4/7/17 – A tradition in Beaver Dam for a half century could be coming to an end. The Beaver Dam Memorial Day Committee will vote this Monday on the possible cancellation of the parade portion of their program. Paul Lauth, with the Beaver Dam Veterans Of Foreign Wars, was our guest this week on WBEV’s Community Comment. Lauth says manpower on the committee and spectators along the parade route have been dwindling while costs and the average age of the volunteer base has increased. He says the last few years the number of spectators has dwindled and help is needed to get people interested again in honoring veterans. Lauth says the VFW has a hard enough time just getting volunteers to march as an honor guard because the membership is all older people. He says the younger soldiers coming back home today are just not joining the organization so the committee just does not have that young blood. “We need help,” Lauth says. The committee is seeking support and feedback, hoping a service organization, church group or other members of the community will step forward. Around dozen or so volunteers are needed to help organize the parade. Currently, all veteran’s organizations in the city volunteer with one organization taking the lead on a rotating basis. The ceremonies at the Beaver Dam River and Oakwood Cemetery will be held regardless of the outcome of Monday’s vote.