Violent Home Invasion In Theresa

A violent armed home invasion occurred Saturday afternoon in the Town of Theresa. According to the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department, the incident occurred around 1:15pm when a group of six to eight men, all armed with handguns, entered the home and forced 13 people inside into a room. The victims were all tied-up; some were struck in the head with weapons and others were kicked. While the intruders were ransacking the home stealing money and jewelry two neighbors arrived and were immediately confronted by one of the gunmen. The two were forced from their vehicle at gunpoint then taken into the home with the rest of the victims. Among the items taken were cash purses, wallets and jewelry. Shortly after the suspects fled the scene, one of the victims was able to free himself, run to a neighboring farm and call 9-1-1. The suspects fled in a late model Ford Expedition-type vehicle. Authorities believe the suspects are of Mexican or Puerto Rican descent. Their heights range from five-foot-two to six-foot-one; one suspect had a waist-length pony-tail. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Department is investigating along with the Mayville Police Department and the Dodge County District Attorney.