Village of Cambria To Form Ad Hoc Committee Regarding The Future of The Police Department

(Cambria) Officials in the Village of Cambria are working to restore a law enforcement presence after the abrupt vote to dissolve their police department earlier this week. At a special meeting last night, Village President Glen Williams said something had to be done quickly because the village will have to spend the same amount of money on law enforcement next year as they do during the current fiscal year. The board last night decided to move quickly on assembling an ordinance that would allow for a temporary, part-time Marshall to cover immediate concerns like traffic and village ordinance enforcement. A vote could come as soon as Monday. For a more permanent solution, Williams said an ad hoc committee will be formed in the next week or so to explore options.

Williams says the committee will determine if the village should permanently implement a Marshall form of law enforcement, or consider a “constable” which is an elected position that would be responsible for enforcing village ordinances and assisting with animal control. Williams says contracting permanently with Columbia County is not an option. The village is also looking for feedback on when protection is most needed. Those interested in submitting comments to the village, or sitting on the ad hoc committee, are asked to contact the village offices (348-5443) during normal business hours (8am to 4pm).