Village of Cambria Calls Special Meeting to Discuss Policing

(Cambria) Officials in the Village of Cambria will begin discussing their options for law enforcement at a special meeting tonight (Th). The village board on Monday voted to dissolve the police department, a move that affected three part-time police officers and Chief Rick Nelson, who cleaned out his desk Tuesday. In a press release announcing the meeting, officials said a village wide survey indicated a strong public opinion that changes needed to be made in the department. It also said that this is the best time to make a change because the state mandates that spending for police departments be maintained based on 2009 levels. The board will begin exploring their available options at tomorrow’s meeting, which will be held at 6:30pm in the Cambria Community Room at 115 West Edgewater Street. All 9-1-1 emergency calls originating from Cambria are being handled by the Columbia County Sheriffs Department.