Village Glen Explosion: Lead Investigator To Discuss Unsealed Documents On WBEV Friday

(Beaver Dam) Court documents have been unsealed in the case of Benjamin Morrow, the man who died last month after volatile chemicals exploded in his Beaver Dam apartment. The search warrant records indicate that investigators found potential homemade bombs and white supremacist literature in the 28-year-old’s apartment. The documents reveal that Agent Kevin Heimerl with the state Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation found thirteen jars of T-A-T-P in the apartment refrigerator. T-A-T-P was used in the bombs in the 2015 attack in Paris. Heimerl said containers labeled T-A-T-P were also located in Morrow’s apartment garage. The apartment described as a “homemade explosive laboratory” and instructions were found on how to manufacture homemade explosives. Morrow graduated from Pensacola Christian College in Florida in May 2013, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Pharmacy, with minors in both Chemistry and Mathematics. He had been employed by Richelieu Foods and living in Beaver Dam for nearly a year. The records indicate that his co-workers said Morrow smelled like moth balls. A controlled burn was ordered following a fatal March 5th blast that revealed the volatile chemicals so unstable they first had to be detonated, before the entire building was burned to the ground. The lead investigator on the case, Beaver Dam Police Lt. Terrance Gebhardt, will be our guest Friday afternoon on WBEV’s Community Comment, which will also be video streamed on Facebook Live beginning at 12:35pm.