Village Glen Explosion: 109 Knaup To Be Demolished

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam apartment building where a deadly explosion claimed the life of one person on Monday is going to be demolished. Police Chief John Kreuziger says because of concerns about remnant explosives that may still be inside the entire building, investigative findings and structural concerns, the structure has been determined a complete loss. Immediate plans are being made for its removal. Kreuziger says the focus of their attention is still, and will remain, on 109 Knaup Drive, where volatile, homemade explosives were destroyed on Wednesday afternoon.  The surrounding buildings have been deemed safe and people can continue to occupy those buildings, which were evacuated earlier this week as a precautionary measure. Law enforcement continues to maintain a perimeter around building 109 in an effort to ensure public safety. The Beaver Dam Police Department and Dodge County Emergency Management are encouraging the public to make monetary donations to the displaced families through any Horicon Bank location in Dodge County.