Victory is a 2 year old Husky Mix. This poor boy was found in horrible condition with what looked like burns all over his body. It took months to get Victory healthy. He had almost no hair when he was found, and now it is growing back beautifully!
We aren’t sure if Victory has ever had a home. He is very scared and skiddish of people at first, and jumps at any noise. At first he will come somewhat close to you, but will then run off. He will do this for awhile, but then he started taking treats out of my hand. He then let me pet him gently and he would jump up for a treat.
Victory still has very sensitive skin, so he won’t let you pet his body too much. He was ok with head scratches and seemed to like it.
The foster said that Victory is a very active boy. He does enjoy playing with dogs with his energy level, but said no cats. He would do best in a home with no young children. I think he would be ok with older, teenage kids who are more respectful of his space.
Victory would love a home with someone who is there most of the time. He would benefit from some training and work on his manners.
What Victory really needs, is to learn how to be in a home with people who will spoil him and give him lots of love!

You can meet Victory at the Dodge County Humane Society on Tuesday and Thursday from 12-7pm and Saturday from 12-4pm.