Victim’s Mother Testifies At Fox Lake Murder Trial

(Juneau) The victim’s mother testified Tuesday on day seven of the jury trial for a Fox Lake murder suspect. Teresita Johnson is the mother of Sesalie Dixon, the 27-year-old who Laverne Ware Jr. is accused of murdering on December 3, 2016.

Some of Johnson’s testimony focused on checks that she and other members of Ware’s immediate family received in June of 2017. Ware made the payments with inheritance money he had received from his father. One month later, it was learned that Ware’s attorney at the time, Ann Bowe, assisted in paying large sums of money to witnesses at the defendant’s request. Johnson had informed Dodge Count District Attorney Kurt Klomberg of this development, which led to Bowe withdrawing from the case.

At trial, Johnson said a reason for gifting the money was never given and no one had told her to avoid speaking with the prosecution; even if someone did, she “would have assisted anyway.” However, Johnson testified that she was under the impression that Ware believed writing the checks would make everything go away. Johnson added the $7,500 payment she received was no consolation for losing her daughter and that no amount of money in the world would bring her back.

Johnson also testified to her knowledge of Ware’s incestuous relationship with her daughter. She said that Ware was public with Dixon for three years but they (quote) “hid it really good for two years.” When questioned by the defense, Johnson noted her displeasure with their love affair. Johnson said she told Dixon that she should not be with Ware and to stop listening to her father, Stanley Johnson, who only wanted to get Ware’s money.

Teresita Johnson said that Dixon believed her father Stanley Johnson, who is Marjorie Jones’ brother, was not her biological father. In order to clear-up any confusion, Teresita said Stanley wanted a DNA test done in 2016. Results showed that Dixon was indeed his biological daughter.  Teresita said when the results came in, Stanley called her to apologize. When confronted on what to do next, Stanley said they were in love and that there was nothing he could do. Teresita said Stanley had (quote) “other intentions” and knew all along that Dixon was his daughter.

Prosecutors say Ware fired three, nine-millimeter rounds into the victim’s head. The body was discovered at 100 We Go Trial, a home that was purchased by the defendant for his mother Marjorie Jones. The defense argues that the 56-year-old Jones is the actual perpetrator of the crime. They maintain that Jones was upset because Dixon had stolen money, pills and her 59-year-old, live-in boyfriend. Wednesday is day eight of the two-week trial.