Van Hollen on Concealed Carry

4/22/12 – The state’s attorney general says he’s not sure if Wisconsin is any safer, now that 100-thousand people are allowed to carry concealed weapons. But J-B Van Hollen says there have been no problems since the concealed carry law took effect almost six months ago. And if it’s done anything to reduce crime, Van Hollen says it’s all the better. The A-G held a news conference in Madison, where the 100-thousandth state permit was being printed. He’s not sure who will receive it. Van Hollen has Permit Number-One. Wisconsin hit the 100-thousand mark faster than expected. The Justice Department expected around 125-thousand permits to be issued in the first year. Officials said the early rush of applications has slowed from thousands-a-day to hundreds-a-day. And there’s only been one heavily-publicized incident directly related to concealed carry. That was the Aldi’s shooting in Milwaukee in January, where a shopper with a concealed carry permit shot at two men who tried-but-failed to rob the place. The store had a sign prohibiting concealed weapons – but prosecutors decided not to charge the shooter.