Van Hollen OK With Guns Inside Capitol

10/7/11 – Wisconsin’s top law enforcement official says he’d be comfortable with people carrying concealed weapons in the State Capitol. Republican Attorney General J-B Van Hollen says criminals already pack hidden heat – and those are the people we should worry about, not the law-abiding citizens who would get permits for concealed carry. On November first, Wisconsin will become the second-to-last state to allow concealed weapons. Illinois is the final hold-out. Guns have long been banned from the Capitol, but that law goes off the books when the concealed carry measure takes effect. State and local governments can prohibit weapons on their own – and the state government has not decided yet what it will do. The U-W System is banning weapons in campus buildings, but not on their grounds outside. Also, Van Hollen defends the need for at least four hours of training by those wanting concealed carry permits. Officials say it will be part of the training guidelines still to be developed by the Justice Department. Van Hollen said his agency decided not to draft a curriculum – and setting a time requirement would discourage judges from later setting an exact time period for the training.