UW Tuition Will Stay Frozen, Not Cut

5/28/17 – It appears that tuition for in-state residents at the University of Wisconsin will stay frozen for two more years, instead of being cut by five-percent in that second year. The Republican chairs of the Joint Finance Committee said Thursday the panel would reject Governor Scott Walker’s proposed tuition cut and 35-million dollars in extra spending to make up for the lost revenue. A number of Republicans opposed the tuition cut, with the Assembly Speaker saying it would be better to dole out more financial aid to students who need it. Finance chairs John Nygren and Alberta Darling also say the their panel will go along with making U-W schools follow performance benchmarks to get part of a $42-million pot for state aid. But instead of following the governor’s specific benchmarks, the panel would name four areas, and the U-W Regents would lay out the details for meeting them.