UW Tuition Holding Steady

7/7/17 – State residents attending the U-W will see no change in their tuition for the fifth straight year. But they’ll pay more for other things, after the university’s Board of Regents approved a budget on Thursday for the new school year. Student fees and dorm rates will go up by 321-dollars, or one-point-six-percent at the flagship Madison campus — and Eau Claire has the highest jump in fees, room, and board, a three-point-five-percent rise. The U-W expects a 38-million dollar increase in state tax funds, and it plans to spend down another 113-million from unrestricted fund balances carried forward from previous years. The Regents voted 16-1 in favor of a total university budget of six-point-two billion dollars — and Bryan Steil cast the lone no vote, saying he was against some of the student fee hikes.