UW-Health Pediatric Doctor Raises Warning On Increasing COVID Cases In Kids

(Wisconsin) Doctors from UW-Health are still very concerned with students coming to schools without masks and spreading COVID. Many districts are already having to either go back to digital learning or cancel classes due to outbreaks. UW-Health Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Jim Conway tells WISN’s UPFRONT that there are more worries than just kids being a little sick. He says …”we are starting to now see some kids have that long-hauler syndrome that adults were suffering from earlier in the pandemic, where six to 10 months later they are still having respiratory problems, fatigues, headaches.” Pediatric wards across the state are filling up with COVID patients much like the rest of the system, and Dr. Conway wishes people would stop thinking that children can’t suffer severe illnesses because of COVID.


Courtesy of WRN