US Open News

E-Coli Bacteria Found At US Open Water Station

6/16/17 – Nobody was known to get sick after “E” Coli bacteria was found in a water station for fans at the U-S Open golf tournament at Erin Hills near Hartford. The Washington/Ozaukee County health agency says it found the bacteria in a sample taken from a station connected to a well at the 12th hole. The water line was shut off during the opening day of the tournament Thursday, but officials say fans might have drank the contaminated water between Tuesday’s practice rounds and Thursday morning. The U-S-G-A, which puts on the Open, says it will give fans bottled water at all hydration stations for the rest of the tournament, which runs through Sunday.

NTSB Investigating Blimp Crash At Open

6/16/17 – The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash of a blimp at the U-S Open at Erin Hills near Hartford that severely injured its pilot. It went down about 11:15 Thursday morning, one mile from the golf course where thousands of spectators were. The blimp’s owner says pilot Trevor Thompson climbed out of the unit on the ground — and he did not jump out with a parachute, as the first reports indicated on Thursday. He was in serious condition at suburban Milwaukee’s Froedert Hospital with burns. The blimp, owned by AirSign, was advertising a credit union when the outer skin had some type of failure — and AirSign C-E-O Patrick Walsh told W-I-T-I T-V the company never had that happen before.