US Honor Flag In Ripon

3/9/17 – An American flag that flew above a 9/11 recovery effort makes a special visit to Wisconsin. Chris Heisler calls it the U-S Honor Flag, and he brought it this week to Milwaukee and to Ripon College, where his son goes to school and is part of the campus Red Hawk R-O-T-C. Heisler was 35 when the September eleventh terrorist attacks occurred in 2001, and he served in Iraq before he got his hands on a flag that flew above the New York recovery effort. Heisler has made it his mission to share the flag throughout the nation — and it’s been draped on military coffins, flown at events like the Super Bowl, and was taken up in the most recent Space Shuttle flight. While at Ripon, the Honor Flag was also taken to the city’s police department — where Captain Bill Wallner used white gloves to keep oils from his hands from damaging the special flag.