Two Years In Prison For Iron Ridge Man Who Threatened Parole Officer, Judge

(Iron Ridge) An Iron Ridge man was sentenced Wednesday to two years in prison for threatening his probation agent. In March, a jury convicted Bobby Buechel of Unlawful Use of a Telephone and Disorderly Conduct, both misdemeanors. Prosecutors used a provision of Wisconsin law granting the court the authority to hand down a prison sentence for misdemeanor offenses when committed by chronic offenders.

Buechel has been known to show up at the homes of public officials and has a history of making threats to Dodge County sheriff’s deputies and a judge. Other past offenses include assaulting his wife, violating domestic abuse restraining orders, emotionally abusing a family member, and repeatedly violating bail conditions.

In the most recent case, an arrest warrant was issued after the 43-year-old threatened to assault his former wife’s boyfriend. That triggered an arrested warrant angering Buechel, who called his probation agent over 30 times in the span of a couple minutes. When the agent answered, Buechel launched into a profanity-laden diatribe, threatening the agent and saying that he would be showing up at the agent’s residence.

The agent’s supervisor also answered one of the calls, and Buechel again screamed profanities into the telephone while indicating he was nearby. That caused the probation office to be placed in lockdown.

When a police officer contacted Buechel by telephone to investigate the matter, more threats were made.  He told the officer that he was going to find out where she lived and show up at her residence.  Buechel also told the officer that he was going to kill the judge that issued the warrant.

At sentencing, District Attorney Kurt Klomberg pointed out to the court that the defendant had 20 criminal convictions since 1995 in addition to the current case.  Klomberg said Buechel is one of the most chronic offenders he’s ever encountered, responding to authority and conflict like a child bully. The DA says (quote) “hopefully [this sentence] will make clear to Buechel that enough is enough.”