Two Year Prison Sentence For Beaver Dam Man Who Head-Butted Officer

(Beaver Dam) A Beaver Dam man who injured a police officer in an incident earlier this year was sentenced to two years in prison Monday. In May, Eric Henson plead no contest to a felony count of Battery to a Law Enforcement Officer. Beaver Dam Police were attempting to take Henson into custody on Domestic Disorderly Conduct charges out of Poynette in January when he leapt from his attic stairs punching at the officers while yelling “just kill me.” The 34-year-old then head-butted an officer and threatened him, saying “you’re dead.” Later at the hospital, Henson told investigators that he remembers nothing of the incident and blacked out. Apologizing, he noted that he has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and said he was in “fight or flight” mode. The officer sustained cuts and abrasions. At sentencing, District Attorney Kurt Klomberg said he is seeing this kind of assaultive and threatening conduct towards officers at a very high rate in the community. He says the court needs to act to make clear that there will be very stern consequences for harming police. Henson was also placed on extended supervision for three years.