Two West Bend Area Tavern Burglaries in One Week

3/5/12 – The Washington County Sheriffs Department is investigating a weekend bar break-in. The Our Place Tavern on State Highway 33 in the Town of West Bend was burglarized early Saturday morning. Doors to the tavern were forced open and an interior door pried open. Bottles of alcohol were stolen and cash was taken from an overturned ATM machine. Authorities say it was the second time in a week that a West Bend-area business was burglarized. The Lighthouse Lanes bowling alley in the Town of Barton was broken into on February 25. In that case, the suspects may have entered through an unsecured door. Tills were overturned and emptied of cash. The Washington County Sheriffs Department is urging tavern owners to be alert to suspicious behavior and carefully secure their establishments. The burglaries remain under investigation. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Washington County Sheriff’s Office or the Washington County Tip Line at 1-800-232-0594.