Two Speeding Tickets in One Day

6/4/11 – Don’t press your luck. That may have been the lesson a 19-year-old Dodgeville man learned Thursday night. Authorities say around 6:30 a deputy attempted to stop a vehicle that was doing 85-miles per hour on Highway 151 south of Beaver Dam but lost it due to traffic. About two hours later a different deputy observed the same vehicle on Highway 33 going 116 miles per hour in a 55-mile-per hour zone. The deputy was able to get the vehicle to stop and learned the man had already received a citation this year for driving too fast for conditions and a warning letter from the DOT. The two speeding citations he received Thursday will cost him nearly $800 and 12-points against his license. In a press release Sheriff Todd Nehls said, “It is safe to say the next correspondence from the DOT will be informing him of his lengthy revocation.” Nehls also said the lack of respect and concern shown by the man for the public is alarming.