Two Sex Offenders Removed From Dodge County Fair

8/26/17 – In the weeks leading up to the Dodge County Fair, Sheriff Dale Schmidt and his staff conducted background checks on the employees and vendors working the event. The reason: to identify individuals who have travelled from outside the county or state who are registered sex offenders. Schmidt says their efforts helped in locating two such offenders. One offender was on probation so the sheriff contacted his agent and learned that he could help set up the rides and take them down but could not operate them. Schmidt says during the fair they spotted the individual operating a ride and took him to jail. He says the second person was not under supervision anymore but was still on the sex offender registry and had a conviction of First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child. Schmidt says that offender was removed after being found operating several rides. He says the background checks will be something his office will continue to do moving forward. The sheriff says his office has referred charges to the district attorney.