Two Inmates Charged With Plotting To Bring Illegal Contraband Into John Burke

(Waupun) Two additional people have been charged in a plot to bring in illegal contraband to John C. Burke Correctional. Michael Moore and Derrell Pickett are facing felony counts of Conspiracy to Deliver Illegal Articles to an Inmate as well as Possess Illegal Articles as an Inmate. Louis Moore and Laketa Taylor were charged earlier this month for their alleged roles.

In May, a correctional officer noticed a plastic bag in a ditch outside of the facility. The items recovered were several bags of chewing tobacco, seven cellphones, THC, cocaine and Krazy glue. A review of several inmates’ phone transcripts, including transcripts from Michael Moore and Derrell Pickett who were inmates at John C. Burke at the time, reportedly revealed a plan to leave contraband near the prison’s main entrance. Numbers that the inmates called were allegedly tied back to Taylor and Moore.

Several months later, correctional officers reportedly found 29-year-old Michael Moore and 40-year-old Derrell Pickett in possession of cellphones. If convicted, both face an additional seven years in prison. Initial appearances are scheduled in December.