Two Charged With Passing Multiple Fake $100 Bills In Beaver Dam

(Beaver Dam) Two people from Madison are accused of passing counterfeit $100-dollar bills in Beaver Dam. 21-year-old Hazel Frieberg is charged with three counts of Forgery and two counts of Attempted Forgery. 19-year-old Kierre Washington is charged with one count of Forgery, three counts of Forgery as a Party to a Crime and two counts of Attempted Forgery as a Party to a Crime, all felonies.

The pair are accused of passing the phony bills at Recheks Food Pride, Wal-Mart and Animart and trying to use them at Menards and Shopko. Washington is additionally charged with spending the fake cash at Game Stop. Three other stores received fake $100’s during the same timeframe but were not included in the charges because the suspects were not captured on video. All the offenses occurred this past March during a period of 90 minutes.

Freiberg allegedly bought low-cost items – like chewing gum, pregnancy tests or dog treats – and walked away with the change. In some of the incidents, she was also able to make change for a second, phony $100 bill. Frieberg conducted most of the transactions while Washington shopped or waited in the car.

The two were caught on video surveillance, which also connected them to similar crimes along the Interstate 94 corridor between Madison and Minnesota. The pair were apprehended along with a third suspect in Hudson.

GPS coordinates taken from their phones reportedly place them at the scene of the crimes. A text conversation with a convicted counterfeiter was allegedly discovered on Washington’s phone. Serial numbers on the bills were also identical.

Washington is accused of passing a bill at Game Stop where the clerk used a marker to check its authenticity. The clerk apparently confused the color that indicates a counterfeit bill and provided change for a pair of $8 socks anyway. Each Forgery charge carries a six year maximum prison sentence while the Attempted Forgery counts bring up to three years.  Frieberg and Washington are slated to make their initial appearance in a Dodge County courtroom next month.