Two Beaver Dam Murals To Be Relocated

7/6/17 – The paint may be dry on the 17 murals painted in downtown Beaver Dam but there is still some work left to be done. The majority of the murals were painted directly onto the brick or efface building surfaces but a half-dozen were painted on aluminum composite panels attached to the buildings. Two of the those panels were painted in one spot and will be moved to their permanent location. In both cases, the artists did not have the space they needed to safely and effectively paint. The Gould Nursery mural is being moved from the south side of Beaver Dam Paint and Glass to the north side of Fast Eddies. Nancy Bennett founded the Walldogs in 1993 and was in charge of the Beaver Dam event. Bennett says Beaver Dam has given organizers a bit of a challenge as the permanent site for the six-foot-by-28-foot Gould mural only had a small walkway along the river, which is not safe for painting. In the old days of the original Walldogs, the sign painters would have been hung from the roof and stood on two boards using a pully system. She says nowadays with volunteers, insurance companies frown on that approach. The Zeigler Brewing mural is being moved from the back of Water Technologies across the street to Stooges bar. Beaver Dam Area Arts Association Executive Director and local Walldog Jessalyn Braun says the Zeigler mural site also presented safety concerns. The beer garden at Stooges is not level ground and with five-to-15 volunteers on scaffolding, stability was a priority. In addition, because of trees and the distance available, the artists would not have been able to project the outlines of the images for sketching on day one. The plan is to move both signs to their permanent location on Saturday, with the help of Able Signs of Beaver Dam. However, the move is weather dependent and too much wind could result in a delay.