Twenty Homes Evacuated During Gas Leak In Waupun

(Waupun) The Waupun Fire Department is investigating why a gas main was struck during street reconstruction that led to 20 homes being evacuated. Crews responded to the area of South Street around 3pm Friday.

Fire Chief B.J. DeMaa says first responders were able to confirm a piece of construction equipment struck a four-inch gas main which was leaking. He says due to gas blowing in the direction of three-phase lines in the area, the safest way to cut power required gas to be shut off at a substation that impacted roughly 350 customers.

Once the power was off, fire crews worked with Waupun Utilities to reach out to residences in the affected area that relied on in-home oxygen and other critical needs. After one hour, power was restored to all but two homes. Alliant Energy isolated the leak and were able to crimp the lines.

Gas service to five homes was off for roughly five hours during the incident. Residents were able to return to their homes around 6pm. No injuries were reported.