Trumps Personal Voter Data Request On Hold

7/11/17 – Wisconsin will not give personal voter data to a Donald Trump panel investigating election fraud, at least for now. The federal Election Integrity commission has told states to hold up on sending their data, until a judge in Washington State decides on a temporary restraining order as part of a lawsuit from a privacy group. Wisconsin has said it would only give the Trump panel what’s publicly available in the Badger State — voter names, addresses, and when those people voted. The state Elections Commission said the Trump panel would have to pay 12-thousand-500 dollars for that, just like political parties and candidates who buy the voter listings to help with their campaigns — and among other things, the federal commission also wanted voters’ party affiliations, reportedly to check out Trump’s previous claim that he would have won the popular vote last November if it wasn’t for illegal voters. Wisconsin does not require its voters to declare their parties.