Trump Panel Can Buy Some Voter Data If It Wants It

7/1/17 – President Donald Trump’s election integrity panel can get limited data about Wisconsin voters, if it pays for it. State Elections Commission administrator Mike Haas issued a statement Friday, after the Trump panel asked all 50 states to provide data on voters’ names, birthdays, the last four digits of their Social Security numbers, and voting records since 2006. Haas says Wisconsin allows names, addresses, and voting histories to be made public;   political parties, candidates, and others buy the statewide files for $12,500. Haas says the commission can share confidential data with law enforcement and agencies in other states, but Trump’s request does not appear to qualify for that. Haas also says Wisconsin does not collect data on voters’ gender or party preferences, it won’t release birthdays or Social Security data and it cannot grant general waivers of the fee, or reject access to the limited data by those who pay.