Vietnam Vet Shares Experiences, Collection on Tribute To Veterans Program

(Juneau) Our annual Tribute To Veterans program was broadcast on Friday on AM1430 WBEV and We had guests who served in Vietnam, Korea and World War Two. Bob Krueger (kree-gur) of Juneau served in Vietnam. He says patrolling the perimeter was nothing like John Wayne in Green Beret. He shared a story about springing into action when he saw a fellow soldier freeze on the battle field. Kreuger jumped on him, put him on the ground and covered him up. The trick he says it to lay low because shrapnel projects upward like a mushroom. There was talk of nominating Kreuger for a Bronze Star but he says that’s just another piece of metal. “I just went over there to do my job,” Kreuger says.


He brought in several items he collected from his time in Vietnam. You can watch the Tribute to Veterans program here:

Tribute to Our Veterans

Or listen to the full show audio only here: