Trial For Fox Lake Murder Suspect Delayed

(Juneau) The jury trial for a Fox Lake murder suspect has been delayed. Laverne Ware Jr.’s attorney Donna Kuchler requested the postponement Thursday morning due to a scheduled surgery in March. The original date for the two-week trial was set for April 9th but will now begin on September 17th. She told the court that rushing into a homicide case would be impossible and that her law firm has not had enough time to work through all the evidence. Kuchler added that the six-week recovery time after her surgery would not give her team adequate time to prepare. Dodge County District Attorney Kurt Klomberg said that he objects to the delay, along with the victim’s mother in this case. He said the state has acted diligently and wants to see the trial proceed as scheduled. Judge Brian Pfitzinger said the decision to move the trial was made with extreme reluctance but added that the court does not take health concerns lightly. Ware is accused of murdering his girlfriend and first cousin, Sesalie Dixon, in December of 2016. The 27-year-old was found in the cab of Ware’s pick-up truck inside a Fox Lake garage with a gunshot wound to the head.