Trees May Turn Colors Earlier This Fall

9/10/17 – Wisconsin’s majestic fall colors may start and end earlier this year. Travel Wisconsin Dot Com says trees in Superior and Hayward are already at 15-percent of their peaks for reds, yellows, and oranges. Smoky Mountains Dot Com predicts that northern Wisconsin could peak in the third week of September instead of the end of the month as normal — and peaks in southern Wisconsin might come at the start of October instead of the end. Experts say Wisconsin’s record rainfall from January through July has put more stress on trees, causing the earlier peaks of colors. But we could still be in for a great color show if we warm and sunny days and cool evenings. The travel website says Beaver Dam is at zero-percent but it lists the Horicon Marsh at 15-percent color. Green Lake and Fond du Lac are reported to be at ten-percent while Marquette County is at five-percent.