Transportation Officials Revoke Wholesale License Of Eleven Columbia County Dealers

(Columbia County) The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has revoked the wholesale dealer license of 11 Columbia County dealers for various violations of their licensing requirements. The wholesale license revocation for Caniride, Easwest Auto, Keough Holdings, Lewis Car Services, S and W Autos, Saxs Autos, Sims Automotive, Strickly Auto, Henrys Auto, Big Mals Auto, and Plugged In Automotive took effect on July 16th. DMV’s Dealers and Agents Section determined that each dealer violated state law after failing to maintain a licensed business facility. Wisconsin law has minimum requirements to protect consumers, such as premise and proper signage at the place of business. DOT officials say these auto dealers, co-located at 101 Skyline Drive in Arlington, did not meet these requirements. Wholesale dealers only sell, offer, or negotiate sales of motor vehicles to licensed dealers. Motor vehicle salvage pools, which sell salvaged vehicles to licensed dealers, are also licensed as motor vehicle wholesale dealers.