Town Of Beaver Dam Referendum Would Target Road Work

(Town of Beaver Dam) Town of Beaver Dam officials are asking residents to approve a referendum on Tuesday’s ballot. The question seeks to increase the town tax levy by $148,910 dollars for road maintenance and construction. Town Board Chairman John Kuzniewicz says there are only $24,000 dollars left in the 2019 budget for road repairs. The town portion of the mill rate would increase by 50-cents from 98-cents to $1.48 if approved. The referendum reads: Shall the Town of Beaver Dam be allowed to increase the town tax levy for 2018 (to be collected in 2019) by 50.8 percent, which would increase the town tax levy by $148,910.00 for a total town levy of $442,040.00. The town board intends that the levy increase be applied on an ongoing basis by including it in the base used to calculate the limit for 2019 as well. The increase is to be used exclusively for road maintenance and road construction.


Photo courtesy of Town of Beaver Dam Facebook page