Town and Village of Clyman Boards Called To Get Involved After a Minor Accident with Volunteer Fire Department Vehicle

(Clyman) A joint meeting last night between the Town and Village of Clyman boards was called following action taken against two officers with the volunteer fire department who were involved in a minor accident with a station vehicle. The door of the fire stations new pick-up was dented while Captain Dave DeCono (dee-CONE-oh) and Lt. Marty Pint were hanging banners for the Fire Association’s 100th Anniversary picnic. Since it didn’t happen during the course of official firefighting duties, Chief John Haase brought the matter to the boards. Village President Jeff Wagner says the joint board decided to require Pint and DeCono to pay for the damage. The Chief placed both officers on probation for one year but Pint, the driver that day, was also demoted. The joint board voted 3 to 1 last night to support the fire chief but to send the matter back to the chief for a final decision. Before the vote, DeCoro handed the Fire Chief and Town Chair a letter calling for a special firefighters meeting within 10 days that could involve a vote to rescind the reprimand or even remove the chief. There is no written policy regarding the use of station vehicles for such a purpose. The department is working to update its policies and the boards are working together to establish a Police and Fire Commission.