Three Waupun Correctional Inmates Charged In Prison Drug Ring

(Waupun) Three inmates are accused of distributing illegal substances at the Waupun Correctional Institution. Matthew Loverude, Matthew Newton and Tremaine Rogers are all facing felony counts of Manufacture and Deliver Heroin as a Party to a Crime while Rogers was charged with two additional misdemeanors of Possession of Cocaine and Marijuana. On August 11, correctional staff was notified of a cell search that turned up three small balloons located inside a boot that reportedly tested positive for cocaine, heroin and marijuana. Investigators interviewed the 20-year-old Rogers, who was the owner of the boot, and he allegedly confessed to possessing the drugs. He said he had gotten word from a “swamper,” which is a title for inmates who perform maintenance work or other jobs at the prison, that there were drugs in their unit. Rogers reportedly identified Loverude and Newton as the main source of the drugs. When questioned, the 24-year-old Newton also allegedly confessed and identified the 34-year-old Loverude as the “swamper.” Loverude and Rogers are making their initial appearances Monday while Newton is scheduled to be in court on January 24.