Three GOP Candidates Will Appear On Wisconsin Senate District 13 Ballot

(Madison) There are three Republican candidates on the ballot for State Senate District 13 in Tuesday’s primary election. The seat opened up in November when Scott Fitzgerald was elected to Congress.  

Don Pridemore of Hartford, a Vietnam veteran, served ten years in the State Assembly through 2015 and is currently Vice President of the Hartford School Board.  

“I’m a true conservative, I’m not a moderate, I’m not a person that puts his finger up in the air and see’s which way the wind is blowing and that’s the way I’m going to voteAnything I would deem unconstitutional I would not support and I see growing influence of government almost every day and I don’t like that trend. I want to increase our freedoms not decrease them.” – Don Pridemore, WBEV 

John Jagler of Watertown, a former broadcaster, has been representative in the 37th Assembly District for the past eight years. 

I have a proven record of getting things done in Madison, whether it comes to education reforms, whether its standing up to Tony Evers, whether it comes to reaching across the aisle on issues that are important to everybody. So not only are you going to get somebody who will reach across the aisle when necessary and when appropriate but not take any concessions, continue to plow forward.” 

–John Jagler, WBEV 

Todd Menzel, of the Town of Bristol, is a business owner with 20 years of leadership experience, serving as CEO of Menzel Enterprises, Inc. He was unable to join is on WBEV at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances.  

Menzel says his campaign is focused on the economy, helping small businesses, workforce development, education, police training and transportation and says now more than ever we need strong leaders to reopen the economy and help small businesses that have been shut down due to the pandemic.  

The winner of the Republican primary will advance to the April election to face Democrat Melissa Winker and independent candidates Spencer Zimmerman and Ben Schmitz.