Three Counterfeit Bills Passed At Beaver Dam Piggly Wiggly

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Piggly Wiggly has received three counterfeit 20-dollar bills in less than one week. Deputy Chief Dan Schubert says one of the bills was given to police by the grocery store while two turned up at local banks and were directed to the Secret Service. One of the bills was reportedly so-called “movie money” used in Hollywood films while another was a photocopy of a bill on cheap paper. In spite of the recent string of incidents, Schubert says there has been no noticeable uptick in reports of counterfeit money. He says if someone suspects they have phony currency they can always bring the bill to the police station or a local bank. Anyone with information on the fake Piggly Wiggly cash should contact the Beaver Dam Police Department.