Three Arrested Following Large Methamphetamine Bust

2/16/17 – A Juneau man has been indicted on federal charges for possessing a large quantity of methamphetamine. Michael Marks was arrested Wednesday following a joint investigation by the Dodge County Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force and the Justice Department. According to a press release from the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, the 46-year-old was the focus of the investigation after a traffic stop and subsequent search warrant was executed at Mark’s Trucking in the city of Beaver Dam. Marks is charged with attempting to possess 50 grams or more of methamphetamine. Two others have also been charged federally, 44-year-old William Marks of Columbus, who is Michael’s cousin, and 34-year-old Hope Kissinger of Eau Claire. If convicted, both Michael and William face a mandatory minimum of five years and a maximum of 40 years in federal prison, with William facing an additional 20 years on a November 9th distribution charge. Meanwhile, Kissinger faces 20 years in federal prison on charges for possessing methamphetamine with intent to distribute on November 9th and distributing of methamphetamine for an offense from November 10th.