Text Law Results In 162 Tickets

10/28/11 – It’s been almost 11 months since Wisconsin made it against the law to send-and-receive text messages while driving. And D-O-T officials report 162 tickets statewide, with penalties of up to 400-dollars. Former Senate Republican Alan Lasee of De Pere championed the bill for a long time. And the Assembly sponsor, Kenosha Democrat Peter Barca, said it took a tragedy to get it passed. He said a woman in Madison died in a texting-and-driving crash just days before his colleagues voted on the measure. State Patrol Superintendent Stephen Fitzgerald says texting takes the driver’s focus off the road – and it puts other motorists in danger. A-T-and-T has an app called “Drive Mode,” which informs potential texters that the recipient is driving, and will answer later. A-T-and-T Wisconsin president Scott Vander Sanden says the app emphasizes the point that no text message is worth risking someone’s life on the road.