Take Five

Each Wednesday morning, we’ll announce 5 NFL matchups on the WXRO morning show. Make your picks for your chance to win A Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8″ tablet from Verizon Wireless Zone of Beaver Dam. Plus a chance to win weekly prizes, including an oil change from Reed Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, or a gift certificate from Rock River Tap Bar and Grill.

Every contestant who gets all 5 correct will be entered into our grand prize drawing.

Week 1 Qualifiers– None

Week 2 Qualifiers– None

Week 3 Qualifiers– Steve Edwards, Justin Braun, and Julie Raatz

Week 4 Qualifiers– Shannon Keach, Ryan Schabel, Kasey Young, Janeen Wakeman, Randy Schultz, Beth Shattuck, Jack Truesdell, Clarence Kanas, Kyle Winter

Week 5 Qualifiers– Ken Kirchberg, Sue Kuhn, Sally Young

Week 6 Qualifiers– None

Week 7 Qualifiers– Myrna Plank, Dennis Beske, Melissa Butts, Steven Thomas, Corey Schwandt, Lynn Ireland, Toni Fox, Randy Schultz, Vonda Nehls, Paul Haag, Phil Kuhn, Stacy Neperud

Week 8 Qualifiers- Gene Swanson, Amy Schneider, Clarence Kanas, Corey Schwandt, Ryan Schabel, Daniel Schabel, John Plank, Toni Fox, Jeff Schaus, Tiffany Garcia,Darrell Mintzlaff, Julie Raatz, Sue Kuhn, Lynn Ireland, Annette Sustman, Loretta Froehlich

Week 9 Qualifiers-Robert Durkee

Week 10 Qualifiers– Dennis Braun

Week 11 Qualifiers- Justin Braun,Jason White, Vonda Nehls, Lynn Ireland, Kurt Ryiter, Kyle Winter



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