Tailgating Is Sheriff’s January Law Of The Month

1/30/17 – Dodge County drivers are encouraged not to tailgate other motorists.  The sheriff’s office addresses ‘following too close’ as its January ‘law of the month.’  Sheriff Dale Schmidt says state statute tells drivers not to follow another vehicle “more closely than is reasonable and prudent,” taking weather and highway conditions into consideration.  It also states vehicles over 10,000 pounds cannot follow within 500 feet of another vehicle and leave enough space so a passing vehicle can safely enter that lane of traffic.  On an annual basis, Schmidt says tailgating leads to a large number of crashes, ranging from minor fender benders to injury wrecks.  The sheriff also calls following too close one of the leading causes of road rage.  A citation for disobeying this law brings a fine of $200 and loss of three points against one’s driver’s license.